Classic vending

The best toy vending options in the uk

Choose between the Tomy or the LIAV. £1 and £2 options. Over 100 different product lines including Marvel, Hello Kitty, Puppy Club. Children love these products. Free machine placement on suitable locations and you earn commission on every vend!

Liav vending - high capacity, brilliantly reliable! 

Fabulous quality and extremely tough, never breaks down. No power required. Easy to move. £1 vending at its best.

tomy gacha - capsule vending machine - licensed products!

Tomy Gacha vending machines are well known and are operated worldwide. The original Tomy machine was launched in 1999 and continues to be extremely popular in softplay and supermarkets.

Get your free machine now! 07802 188 781. 

Both machines available in twos, fours six or even eight selections.